30.01.2007 14:15

Membership SK Rapid Vienna

Dear Rapid Supporters! It is not only due to the club's unparalleled success that SK Rapid Vienna myth continues to grow, and is for some a religion. Nor is it solely due to the unforgettable players who gave their all in Green & White, writing themselves into club folklore. It is also because Rapid has the most and best fans to be found anywhere in Austrian sport. The most ardent fans belong to an inner-circle, the great Rapid family: they are Club Members and enjoy not only first-hand information direct from club sources, but also a wide selection of other benefits. Since its inception in May 2015 we also offer a special Youth-Membership - particularly attractive for Rapid fans aged between the ages of 14-18. Now is your chance to become a part of the Rapid mythology - become a member of our club! Rapid is counting on you!How to become a member and part of the Rapid family:Option 1: Fill out the membership form and send it to:SK Rapid Wien, Keisslergasse 31140 Wien....or via E-mail to info@skrapid.com. Option 2: Fill out the payment form legibly in block capitals and pay the € 100.- membership subscription into your bank (€ 50 for youths between their 14th and 18th birthdays)Option 3:Simply and quickly through our online-order platform www.rapidshop.at/MITGLIEDSCHAFTOption 4:In person at the SK Rapid Fan Corner (Keisslergasse 3, 1140 Wien), where we are always thrilled to welcome you during the opening hours (Mon.-Fri. 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00-17:00).You can receive further information about Rapid membership by calling the telephone number 01/727 43. Your membership card will be processed and posted within two weeks.