Once again...

It was November 15th, when the squad of LASK Linz visited St. Hanappi, our stadion, the last time. Our team won without any problems by the clear result of 5:0 (three goals by striker Stefan Maierhofer). Only three weeks later, Rapid's last opponent in the year 2008 was -surprise, surprise- LASK again. Unfortunately, it wasn't so easy for Steffen Hofmann and his teammates like three weeks… [Read more]

Draw in Favoriten

If you compare the two derbys who took place in Vienna in the last weeks, you'll probably see on the first sight that they have several aspects in common: Our squad had to play both games in Favoriten, which is the district where our local opponent Austria Vienna is located.Compared to the derby in November, Austria was also in front with a comfortable 2:0, but - and that's the main… [Read more]

Goals, goals, goals

Stefan Maierhofer and "Jimmy" Hoffer showed against Altach one more time why they are so dangerous in front of the goal: Rapid won 8:1 in the end (!) and showed an impressive performance. Both strikers scored three times while their mate Nikica Jelavic celabrated "only" two goals scored by himself. In the end, it had been a wonderful evening for everybody who visited our stadion - except the… [Read more]

2:2 against Sturm

With two goals in the last 15 minutes, Rapid showed in Graz against Sturm once more the importance of the so-called "Rapid-Viertelstunde". Although the game had been very diversified with many opportunities for both teams to score, it wasn't so easy for our squad to fulfil its needs. 'Til the 75th minute, Sturm had been in front with two goals when the last 15 minutes started - a period which had… [Read more]

Maierhofer: Out for goals

"It was a really nice game and an extraordinery evening for the squad - and for myself, of course", Stefan Maierhofer said and he couldn't say it better. Before, Rapid had dominated its guest LASK Linz in every part and scored five goals. Three of them were shot by striker Maierhofer which resulted in a true hat-trick (three goals in a period). For our team, it was a portion of self-assurance at… [Read more]

Jelavic: Triple vs. Altach

What an evening for Nikica Jelavic: On Saturday, our Coach Peter Pacult nominated the 23-year-old Croation striker for the game against Altach. In the following 90 minutes Jelavic, who will become father in the next months, showed our audience in an impressive way, why he's at the club. "Niki", how the teammates call him, scored three times this evening, while striker Stefan Maierhofer shot two… [Read more]

1:0 vs. Mattersburg

Unfortunately, Rapid lost 0:1 in Salzburg a few weeks ago - and from this time on, our squad did not play a game till Matterburg arrived last Saturday in Hütteldorf. And in the following 90 minutes, it was a long enduring fight on the pitch: For Steffen Hofmann and his teammates, it wasn't very easy to show their skills because the players of Mattersburg concentrated themselves on avoiding… [Read more]

The next time for our squad

Here's a short summary of the games for the next weeks: 16th round:SK Rapid - AltachDate: 8.11.2008Time: 18:0017th round:FK Austria Vienna - SK RapidDate: 11.11.2008Time: 20:3018th round:SK Rapid - LASK LinzDate: 15.11.2008Time: 18:00 … [Read more]

Welcome to the English Website!

We took the chance of setting up this brand new Website because of the European campaign of our team - unfortunately, it ended yesterday evening. Nevertheless, we gathered all of the important information to bring you an all-around view of the football club SK Rapid Vienna.To give you a feeling of what it’s like to be a green and white fan, the website features all of the important news you need… [Read more]

2:1-Victory vs. Graz

After the two games against SV Ried which didn't make us very happy (Rapid lost 0:1 after a 1:1-draw), the squad promised a better performance for the match versus Sturm Graz on Sunday. Fortunately, Steffen Hofmann (picture) and his teammates fulfilled, what they had talked about in the days before: They tried to force Sturm's players to make mistakes in gameplay and pushed themselves to a… [Read more]

League Table

League table
Pl. Club Game Goals Pts
1. FC RB Salzburg 30 +46 68
2. FK Austria Wien 30 +13 53
3. SK Sturm Graz 30 +18 51
4. SCR Altach 30 +2 51
5. FC Flyeralarm Admira 30 -12 40
6. SK Rapid 30 +4 34
7. Wolfsberger AC 30 -16 34
8. SV Mattersburg 30 -15 33
9. SKN St. Pölten 30 -18 31
10. SV Ried 30 -22 27