SK Rapid Legend's Club

Whilst Herbert “Funki” Feurer was stood in goal for SK Rapid, and then as he was later sat on the Green & White trainer’s bench, he noticed more and more the manner in which the big clubs abroad continued to cherish, celebrate and support legendary players from yesteryear. It was a concept “Funki” wholeheartedly agreed with and thought worthy of integrating into the Rapid set up. So, he formulated a plan and put it into action, finding willing accomplices in President Rudolf Edlinger, Manager Werner Kuhn and Club Services Manager Andy Marek. In addition, Funki Feurer also happily found an outstanding partner and sponsor for the project in tipp3. After a search for a man with the necessary gravitas to preside over the Legend’s Club was found in Dietmar Hoscher, all the pieces were in place. In December 2007 the Legend’s Club threw open its for the first time.

We are Rapid

Feuer’s brainchild is yet further proof that the club motto “We are Rapid” is meant earnestly. No other club in Austria looks after its former supporters or legendary players in such careful and affectionate fashion. In order for a player to become a member of the club they must firstly appear in 100 competitive games for the Hütteldorfers. Trainers who delivered a league championship are considered eligible for nomination. The President of the Legend’s Club, Dietmar Hoscher, and honorary President’s Alfred Körner and Rudolph Edlinger are prominent in this venerable club.

There is, of course, a special reception area for the members of the Legend’s Club, from where they can watch each home game of the current Rapid side – and no doubt draw comparisons and reminisce on former glories. The Legend’s Club area will be housed in Level 1 of the Allianz Stadium. It will be a place where club servants of days gone by meet, rekindle and re-connect past generations of Rapid hero’s and legends both with different by-gone eras, as well as with the current crop of players, staff and supporters.