The Board

President Michael KRAMMER

President Michael KRAMMER

Born 17th August 1960 in Vienna
Family: Married, 3 Children

Professional Career (extract):

Since 01/2013

mdc3 GmbH and ventocom GmbH – Founder and Managing Partner

2007 to 2013

One, then Orange Austria
Chairman of the Board/CEO

2006 to 2007

Chairman of the Board/CEO

2002 to 2006

01/2003 - 04/2006 Chairman of the Board/CEO

1998 to 2002


1991 to 1998

ÖAMTC (Austrian Car and Motorbike Touring Club)

1983 to 1990

Officer in the Austrian Army

Vice President Nikolaus ROSENAUER

Born 25th November 1967 in Vienna
Family: Married (3 Daughters)

Work Experience

1987 to 1991

Studied Law at the University of Vienna


Judicial Year in Vienna

1992 to 1997

Trainee lawyer at Law Firm Dr. Puschner & Dr. Poigner


Member of the Board of SK Rapid


Passed the Bar Exam

1997 to 2004

Freelance lawyer in cooperation with Dr. Haimo Puschner


Elected to the Board of SK Rapid Vienna; Vice President since 2015


Founder of the Puschner, Spernbauer Rosenauer Law Firm, since then a shareholder active in Civil and corporate law, monopolies and mergers, real estate affairs and sports law. 

Financial Officer Martin BRUCKNER

Born 5th December 1964 in Vienna
Family: Married, 2 Children

Professional Career (Extract)

Since 5/2013

CEO Allianz Investmentbank AG

Since 10/2007

CEO Allianz Pensionskasse AG

Since 1/1999

Board Member Allianz Investmentbank AG

1991 to 1998

Managing Director Allianz Invest
Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH

Since 1990

Allianz Investmentbank AG
(formerly: Investment & Trust Bank AG)

1987 to 1989

Sparinvest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH

1985 to 1987

Die Erste Vermögensanlage- und Beteiligungen Ges.m.b.H.

Deputy Financial Officer Erich HAIDER

Born in 1944, Eric Haider has a degree in Business Administration and graduated from the University of Graz. He was CFO of Wien Energy and was responsible in 2003 for the beginning of the successful partnership between SK Rapid and Wien Energy. Until today he remains Wien Energy’s representative to the Board of Directors and additionally sits on the Board of Trustees and is an enthusiastic support of Rapid Vienna.

Secretary Gerhard HÖCKNER

Born 20.9.1960 in Tulln
Family: Married (3 Daughters)

Professional Career (Extract)

1982 to 2013

Founder of company Pizza on Tour and opened 15 catering establishments

1990 to 2013

Founder of an import/export firm; a gastro-consulting firm; as well as an estate agents.

2004 to 2007

Member of SK Rapid Board of Trustees

From 2007

Member of the SK Board of Directors

Since 2005/2006

Main Sponsor of Rapid Reserves with company "Pizza on Tour"


Creator of the Green-Team Mascot Speedi


Initiator of the movements "Rapid does schooling" and the "Green White Walk"


Born in 1965. Grew up in Burgenland, has lived in Vienna for over 30 years. Has an adult son.

Professional Career (Extract)


Founded "PGM marketing research consulting" – market research, target group marketing, business development


Varied voluntary national and international work, as well as interest-political engagement: Hilfswerk Austria International


Federal Executive Young Economists Austria, 2004 Junior Chamber International/USA, since end 2010 Chairman of Women in the Economy/WK Wien


Supports SK Rapid with the project group members


Born 13.06.1967 in Vienna
Family: Single, one daughter.

Professional Career (Extract)


Started firm Josef Kamper Ges.m.b.H.

Since 1991

Owner of firm Josef Kamper Ges.m.b.H
in Neusiedl/S (VW/Audi)

Since 1984

Member of SK Rapid, voluntarily active in Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees.

Since November 2010

SK Rapid Board Member


In cooperation with Porsche Austria, official Auto Partner with the Volkswagen brand since 1995.

 “I see my voluntary work with SK Rapid also in supporting the economic side and want to bring my experience of medium sized commercial trading into the club. I also like to view myself as connecting the board to the team, and want to financially support the youth teams too.”


Born 01st September 1984
Family: Married, 1 Daughter

Professional Career (Extract)

Since 2012

Project Manager of Vienna Donauinsel Festival
Europe’s largest free entry musical festival. Duties include overall responsibility for the technical and artistic aspects of the running of the festival.


SPÖ Vienna Event Manager
Organisation of events and rallies. Realisation of concepts for the public image of the party. Coordinator of the street teams. Responsible for supporting the realisation and success of campaigns. Responsible for coordinating and organising the infrastructure of Donauinsel Festival.


Member of the campaign team for Dr. Heinz Fischer
Coordinated the campaign helpers and younger members of the team. Planned the handing out of promotional materials. Coordinated the planning and created the tour plans for rallies throughout Austria.


Viennese Culture Service Vice-President


Representative of the Donauinsel Festival in European River//Cities Network

SK Rapid honorary Presidents


Hermann Gößnitzer


Adolf Waller


Johann Holub


Heinz Holzbach


Rudolf Edlinger 

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