SK Rapid school partnerships and apprenticeship schemes

In cooperation with partner schools and businesses, SK Rapid Vienna offers a pioneering scheme for academic, vocational and sporting education for top athletes. The scheme has three overarching goals:

  • Promotion of optimal sporting development for top athletes and competitors through support and assistance in learning and educational spaces
  • Promoting sporting development for young athletes and sports people in both school and professional contexts
  • Translating the positive aspects of sport into society
  • Visit the homepage of the respective school and look at the registration and admission criteria
  • Register in a timely manner at the respective school

School collaboration

In the spirit of our club philosophy (education and development of young players), we view our collaborations with partner schools as extremely important in order to combine academic and sporting education in a complementary manner. We have taken the decision to work together with more schools in order to take into account different regional circumstances and contexts.

In recent years the schools listed below have emerged as meaningful partners for us. We would like to recommend to you these institutes as schools that deliver a balanced complimentary academic and sporting education. When choosing a school, please note the requirements laid out by that institution. We have the opportunity to secure places at all the schools listed, however places are limited.

Sportmittelschule Hetzendorf (SMS 12)

Hermann Brochgasse 2, 1120 Wien


Wittelsbacher Sportmittelschule (SMS 2)

Wittelsbachstraße 6, 1020 Wien


SLSZ Wien West (URG für Leistungssport)

Maroltingergasse 69-71, 1160 Wien


Ella Lingens Gymnasium

Gerasdorferstrasse 103, 1210 Wien


Brigittenauer Gymnasium (URG für Leistungssport)

Karajangasse 14, 1200 Wien


Informieren sie sich bitte am Tag der offenen Tür und kontaktieren sie die jeweiligen Ansprechpartner vor Ort.

ORG Wien West (Oberstufe)

Maroltingergasse 69-71, 1160 Wien


BHAS 10 Pernersdorfergasse (Oberstufe)

Pernerstorfergasse 77, 1100 Wien


FMS 12 Hermann Broch Gasse (9. Schulstufe)

Hermann-Broch-Gasse 2, 1120 Wien


Informieren sie sich bitte am Tag der offenen Tür und kontaktieren sie die jeweiligen Ansprechpartner vor Ort.

Apprenticeship scheme

Win together – learn together!

In order to give our players the best education – not only in sporting terms – but also in an academic and professional sense, we are on the look-out for companies who have the appetite for a collaboration with SK Rapid.

As this dual educational system has proved invaluable in recent years, we are keenly and confidently looking to expand the scope of the model and need your support. 

At the moment there are two options for SK Rapid players interested in apprenticeship schemes:

  • Building academy: dry waller
  • Ibis Acam: office administrator

Should you have interest in becoming a partner in the scheme, please contact Harald Mössler (Educational Co-ordinator SK Rapid) for more details via the following email address: moessler@skrapid.com