Mission Statement

As part of the Members’ Meeting 2015 our club’s new Mission Statement was presented, having been developed over a period of months and realised through academic methodology. An accompanying book is already available in the Fan Shop in Hütteldorf, the Stadium Centre as well as in the Online Shop for a symbolic price of ten Euros.

The stylishly designed book contains the following preface from our President Michael Krammer, as well being illustrated by a selection of illuminating photos from the tapestry of the club’s rich history.

Dear Rapid Supporters!
"Those who hold together, win”: this sage advice from the legendary Dionys Schönecker, the “father of the Rapid spirit”, continues to prove itself valid. Now, we can also count on a Mission Statement that has been developed for and by the Rapid family through a democratic process involving hundreds of Rapid supporters working under the guidance of a dedicated project management team. For the first time in our rich and diverse history our most important principles and values have been formally written down, and this Mission Statement should in November 2015 be written into the club statutes by the club members*. To the health of Sportklub Rapid!

Michael Krammer

SK Rapid Vienna Mission Statement

SK Rapid is a community. Our legendary togetherness was rooted in solidarity between the families, neighbours and workers at the Schmelz. Since then the Green & White Band has connected us all. It has made us into the biggest and most successful football club in Vienna and in Austria. In order to preserve this bond we Rapid family members see each other as equals, displaying honesty and trust worthiness.

SK Rapid stands for traditional values. Our name is, and will remain, “Sportklub Rapid”. Our colours are, and will remain, Green & White. Our crest is set in stone. Since our inception we have fought for success with total commitment and never give up. The Rapid-Viertelstunde (the crowd response during every match with 75 minutes of the clock) is an expression of our will to win. We approach the contest with self-belief and confident energy. As a team we are attack minded, dynamic and take the most direct route to achieving our goals. We go in hard against our opponents, but fairly, and with respect. In good and bad times we remain passionate and proud, selflessly contributing to the glory of Rapid.

SK Rapid’s home is Hütteldorf. It is here we grew. Here the heart of our club’s culture beats. Vienna is our city. The city shapes us and we represent it. Furthermore we are at home across all of Austria, the most important club in the land, with a name that is recognised beyond our own borders.

SK Rapid is open. Human diversity is and was the motor of our successes. Therefore we are, also due to our social commitments, in favour of an open community, whereby every single person who has the good of the club in the forefront of their thoughts has the right to be part of the Rapid family. Irrelevant are gender, creed, class and choice of life style. Our working class roots demand that we support those Green & White followers in social difficulty. 

SK Rapid is Austria’s most decorated club. Success is both our heritage and our destination. It is our target to always be at the top. Irrespective of which competition and where in the world we play: we want to win. To fulfil this target, we operate economically in a solid, innovative and long term manner. Here our independence is vital. Through our independence we can remain true to our values and pass them onto the next Green & White generations; ensuring that our collective will to fight and to win – the Rapid spirit – is safeguarded for the future.

The SK Rapid Mission Statement – now available for purchase in our Fan Shops and in the Online-Shop.