Our roots

The first years of SK Rapid

The long and glorious history of SK Rapid began back in the late 19th century when a group of youthful smelters banded together and in summer 1898 formed the 1. Wiener Arbeiter Fußball-Club.

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The Golden Years

Dominant Green & White Victories

Despite domestic and international success being a constant theme throughout the club’s history, the years following the Second World War up to the beginning of the 1960’s have come to be known as SK Rapid’s “Golden Years”.

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The Pfarrwiese

The Parish Meadow

The Pfarrwiese (literally: the Parish Meadow) initially provided room for roughly four thousand spectators, before gradually increasing over the years to accommodate eight thousand Rapid fans.

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Gerhard Hanappi Stadium

Cult Stadium St.Hanappi

In June 1971 work began on a new home for SK Rapid, the West Stadium, which would later be re-named the Gerhard Hanappi Stadium in honour of its architect, the SK Rapid legend Gerhard Hanappi.

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The 1980's and 1990's

Glorious chapters in the Cup Winner's Cup

The 1980’s would prove to be successful for Rapid Vienna: the club landed its first Championship in fourteen years at the beginning of the decade and would go on to sensationally reach the UEFA Cup final.

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SK Rapid Legend's Club

We are Rapid

No other club in Austria looks after its former supporters or legendary players in such careful fashion. In order for a player to become a member of the club they must appear in 100 competitive games for the club.

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The Rapid Viertel Stunde

15 minutes of tradition

The Rapid-Viertelstunde (literally: the Rapid quarter of an hour) has for more than a century been the most remarkable and well known of all the traditions associated with SK Rapid.

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