Our philosophy

Achieve more with Rapid!

With Pro Rapid we want to promote and develop high-potential players and uncover our Rapid wonderkids.

Focusing on an additional, consequent and individual support regarding the development of personality and the improvement of performance, Pro Rapid players are characterized by the following skills:

  • outstanding technical and tactical skills
  • team spirit and sense of responsibility
  • high degree of personal responsibility and initiative
  • stamina when pursuing sporting goals despite potential obstacles (persistency)

Pro Rapid players are also considered role models in the compliance with "11 Commandments for Rapid Youngsters":

1.) Playing with passion and heart

2.) Determination and absolute will to win

3.) Showing commitment and fighting spirit

4.) Celebrate success with team spirit

5.) Take responsibility

6.) Train with diligence and discipline

7.) Be willing to learn

8.) Treat each other respectfully

9.) Stay creative in thinking and acting

10.) Go ahead with purpose and courage

11.) radiate self-confidence and joy in the game