16.02.2007 16:36

Pool Partner 3M

Martha Schulz (3M Manager Corporate Marketing & Communications)What are your experiences and objectives in working together with SK Rapid?As a multi-technology company with a range of different customer segments, it is particularly important for us to enter into cooperation agreements, through which we can consider the different interests of our customers. As a result of the cooperation with SK Rapid, we can greet customers from every branch in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Simply put, football interests many people. The fact that the cooperation with SK Rapid’s contact partners runs professionally makes everything easier.How does the cooperation with SK Rapid support you in achieving your objectives?Our objective is, not only to do business with our customers, but also to enjoy time out – to simply keep a little buffer from everyday life. SK Rapid gives us the ideal platform from which to do this. Alongside the appealing VIP area with first-class catering, the atmosphere of the location is tremendous.What advice would you give to companies, which are interested in sport sponsorship?The decision about which activities a company supports depends on a number of different factors. 3M decided to see its cooperation with SK Rapid not purely as a sponsoring deal, but the opportunity to add a facet to a pre-existing customer loyalty programme.