23.05.2011 23:24

Official response to the abandoned match

To ensure the best possible preparation, the club was engaged in prolonged talks in the weeks prior to the game with security forces, police officials, fans and supporters clubs. The invasion of the playing space by a clubs own supporters, and the threatening of others inside the stadium must be, and is, met with the most vehement condemnation. The level of shame brought upon the club is of course enormous. SK Rapid will use all the means at our disposal to relentlessly pursue those responsible for the instigation of Sunday’s events.  This dark day in our history means that as of next season the club will take a new direction in terms of fan relationship and politics in an effort to ensure there will be no repeat in the future. The Bundesliga Justice Committee have today made their ruling, reference the abandonment of the 297th Viennese Derby, public: The match has been awarded as a 0:3 victory to Austria Vienna. The announcement of details regarding the following punishments for SK Rapid has been delayed. A public announcement will be made on June 1st. (gw)